It’s my birthday! I LOVE celebrating birthdays, and I always try and celebrate for as long as possible… we’re staying low key this year and I’m loving that just as much! This is my last year in my twenties (WAT?!) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me! And since I’m still new to so many of you, here’s a list of 29 things about me:

  1. I have really low expectations for the number of readers that make it through this whole post. If you read them all, thank you for your interest! If you’re my mom: doesn’t count.
  2. If the only thing I ever watched again was FRIENDS, I’d be happy. I’ve watched the entire series over 30 times (I stopped counting) and I still laugh out loud. It’s my lobster.
  3. I hate small talk. I never know what to say. If we aren’t close friends and I see you in public, I will avoid eye contact and any signs of noticing you for fear of small talk.
  4. Taking pictures has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I once read a funny post that said Instagram is so weird, before digital pictures who would take photos of their food or a random object? I would. I, no joke, have actual photos as a kid of literally anything I found interesting. I have a posed “candid” picture of me taking a picture of my cousin. So basically I invented Instagram. Yep.
  5. I love love LOVE to read. I hope to incorporate some of my favorite books into the blog, and I’m always open to new reading suggestions!
  6. My biggest pet peeve is when people ask for pet peeves as a “getting to know you” question. What if what I say is something you do? That’s awkward. And I don’t like awkward situations. Like small talk.
  7. I’m obsessed with McAlisters. If it were up to me, I’d eat there weekly (okay, daily).
  8. My favorite holiday is whichever holiday is next. Except for Christmas, which I’d celebrate all year long if I could.
  9. I didn’t live with Mike until we were married, which was something we both were committed to, and I’m still super proud of us for sticking it out.
  10. In high school I was diagnosed with anxiety and major depression. Both are still struggles for me on occasion.
  11. I have irrational fears of bugs, roller coasters, getting lost while driving, and bugs. Also, bugs.
  12. I’m a pediatric nurse and I absolutely love it. It is one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching and beautiful parts of my life.
  13. I’m a home body. Sweatpants are life. And scrub pants may be one of the reasons I chose nursing as a career. #comfyallday
  14. Decorating is my favorite hobby. This includes “decorating” Rose (cough, give me all the bows).
  15. I love being a hostess. I would plan a party for every month if my husband and budget allowed it.
  16. My love language is gift-giving.
  17. I’m extremely clumsy.
  18. I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator. They don’t mix well.
  19. I am NOT a morning person. Like seriously, if I’m happy or more than half awake in the morning, it’s probably because I’m actually still up from the night before. Because…
  20. I’m pretty sure I have insomnia. Wine + Benadryl and I’m still up at 2am wondering what color to paint the spare room, or if I remembered to lock the door, and whatever happened to Freddy Prinze Jr?
  21. My favorite thanksgiving food is my husband’s rice dressing. I’m a southerner by marriage and it’s awesome.
  22. My favorite candy is gummy bears, although I’ll almost always choose something salty over something sweet.
  23. My guilty pleasure is staying up late for alone time. I’m usually found on the couch watching FRIENDS and eating a snack. I’m easy to please.
  24. When it comes to decorating and clothes, I try really hard to love neutrals, but in the end, surprise pops of colors usually win my heart.
  25. Guacamole completes me. I could eat it daily. I acted like a toddler for the first 20 years of my life and refused to try it because it was green and mushy. The summer I met Mike, he worked at Chipotle and he made me try the guac. I’m pretty sure that’s how he won me over for good.
  26. I just got out of bed at 10:30pm to make some guac after writing #25. You can find me on the couch…per #23.
  27. My husband is the main cook in our house and I don’t use my kitchen aid mixer nearly enough. Trying out recipes and baking with Rose are on my list of new things to do before I’m (whispers) 30.
  28. My favorite emoji is 😍 but my most used emojis are 😳 and 🙄. Usually because Rose is making a mess (😳) for the millionth time that day (🙄).
  29. I’m a devout Catholic and everything else about me stems from that one truth.
Mike, Rose, and me at a pumpkin patch
the spider ruined the picture